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of California, Inc.

Crime Statistics:
  • FBI reports a burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds.
  • A home without a security system is 2 to 3 times more likely to be burglarized
  • 90% of Police believe monitored alarms help deter burglaries.

Fire Statistics:

  • The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) reported in 2003 that 79% of fire deaths occured in the home.
  • Smoke detectors in a home typically increase the likelihood of surviving a fire by 40 to 60%.

Q.  Why should I choose Security Alert Systems over any other company?
A.  Security Alert Systems is family owned and operated by local Police Veteran with over 25 years of security systems experience. We can provide you with "State-of-the-Art" equipment and 24/7 customer service at the best price. We are also trusted by the City of San Jose to protect their Police Department, District Attorney's office, City Hall, San Jose International Airport, etc... (check "About Us" for a more detailed list).
Q.  Why do I need my alarm system monitored 24 hous a day?
A.  A monitored alarm system is like having someone stand guard watching over and protecting your family and property 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you are away from home, asleep, or on vacation--and your home is broken into or a fire starts--our 24/7 Monitoring Center will immediately dispatch the appropriate authorities.
Q.  What if I foget to turn on my alarm system and a fire breaks out or my home or business gets broken into--can you still dispatch the Fire Department or Police?
A.  The answers are Yes and No. If you leave your home or business and forgot to turn on your system and a fire breaks out--the answer is YES. Your fire alarm is on 24 hours a day and cannot be turned off. If a signal is recieved from your system to our Monitoring Center we will immediately dispatch the Fire Department. If you forgot to turn on your system and your home or business is broken into--then the answer is NO. However, you can call our Monitoring Center at any time during the day or night and have them remotely turn on your system for you.
Q.  If the electricity goes out at my home or business will I still have protection from fire and burglary?
A. Yes! Our Fire and Burglary systems have a battery backup system that will operate at 100% efficiency--just as if the power was on. As the battery ages and needs replacement it will send a signal to our Monitoring Center at which time you will be called by our Servce Department to schedule an appointment to replace the battery.
Q.  What if burglar were to cut my phone line would your Monitoring Center still be able to dispatch the Police/Fire?
A.  Yes and No. If your alarm system were only connected to your phone line the answer is NO! However, all our alarm systems have the capability of transmitting alarms without the use of a phone line.
Q.  Can I use my alarm system while I am inside my home and still have protection?
A.  Yes! Our alarm systems allow for area's or zones of your home to be independantly turned off. Allowing you to move freely and safely in your house with full perimeter protection.
Q.  What kind of warranty will my alarm system come with?
A.  We are so confident in our products and installation techniques that we provide a life-time warranty on the Main Alarm Control Panel--the brains and the most expensive component of your system. On all other devices there is a one year repacement warranty at no cost to you.
Q.  If I have an alarm system installed in my home will this qualify me for any discounts on my home owners insurance?
A.  Yes. Most insurance companies offer a discount for home and business. If the alarm system installed is monitored then the discount can be substantially larger.
Q.  Do you offer any discounts?
A.  Yes. We offer a variety of discounts. If you are a Senior or a Member of AARP we offer a 15% discount on any of our installations and up to a 40% discount on monitoring. We also have associations and several Credit Unions, Unions and Associations that offer substantial discounts--please call for details.
Q.  What cities does your company install and service?
A.  We cover from Sacramento to San Francisco to Monterey and every city in between. For sales, service and installations please call us for an estimate.

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