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Coin Laundry Security Systems

Featuring: Navguard & Navwatch

Security Alert Systems Commercial Division is the Northern California Authorized and Licensed Distributor and Installer of the NAVGUARD Laundry Protection and Automation Control Systems.
NAVGUARD technology allows you the luxury of going to your laundrymat when you want. Now you don't have to be there at 6am to let your customers in or at 10pm to lock the doors at closing. With NAVGUARD--open and close is done for you automatically. The doors unlock for business at a preset hour you deternine and then automatically lock at the time you set your business to close for the day. Leaving those morning and evening hours free for you to spend them any way you want.
NAVWATCH technology allows you the ability to remotely watch on your PC any activity going on at your laundrymat from the convenience of your own home--or anywhere you may have internet access. With NAVWATCH's mulitiple ceiling cameras, you can view any section of your laundrymat--and better yet--the DVR records the entire day of each camera. With an 80 Gig hard drive you can store more than a weeks activity. You also have have ability to review any time duration of that week while your DVR keeps on recording. And you can burn copies on a CD and even email segments of any incidents that may occur.

Laundry Protection and Automation Control

Digital Video surveillance System

Security, Automation, Video surveillance

eTimer EE678T
Multi-function Control Timer


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NAVWATCH 16 channel

Laundry Protection and Automation Control
  • No phone line needed, prevent phone line cutting
  • Fast transmission through a cellular network
  • False alarm reduction with DVC process --- eFar Technology
  • Panguard/EE168S --- additional backup protection against vandalism
  • Code-free, keyfob operation
  • 24 hours protection with auto arming to prevent human error for the Change and the Card machine
  • Automatic operation to reduce operation cost
  • Automation Energy Saving


    Digital Video surveillance System

    Security, Automation, Video surveillance

  • An efficient integrated system ---- Included everything a coin laundry needs into one package
  • Complete security protection for entire laundry facility and the Change and the Card machines
  • Unique intelligent detection control to open / close facility, also arm / disarm the systems
  • High performance with state-of-the-art digital video control system
  • Entire system power backup
  • Multiple surveillance cameras integrated with security system
  • Embedded Windows Xp
  • Powerful e-Search capability
  • Remote Access
  • Automation Energy Saving

    eTimer EE678T
    Multi-function Control Timer

    • Compatible and upgradeable with all EE Navguard System
    • Large size LCD displayer
    • 18 events programmable
    • 9 Holidays setting pre-programmable
    • Daily saving time auto selectable
    • Manual / PC programming selectable
    • Built-in backup battery to prevent power outage lost memory

  • Call 408-930-5873 today for a live Demonstration and Free Estimate to see how the NAVGUARD & NAVWATCH Technology can increase your profits while freeing-up your time!

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